Bakrid Festival of Sacrifice Celebrated With Ease and Simplicity

The Bakrid Festival of sacrifice is the most popular of the Turkish festivals. It is celebrated with immense fun and enjoyment all over the country on this day, which falls in May or June. It is also known as Bakrid Sain Dundal or Bakrid Idil Special Day. In the past, the festival was celebrated with great pomp and show with a magnificent display of warrior spirit but these days it was celebrated in a simple way with great joy and pleasure.

In ancient times the Bakrid Festival of sacrifice began with a grand feast that symbolized the triumph of the gods over the evil powers. A special bullfight was organized under the guidance of the “predator” or head of the temple of Petrucci. The event of Bakrid was linked closely to the memory of the sacrifice of the bull to appease the ferocious gods. The entire region was decorated with the glory of the Bakrid king. The whole region was linked with the memory of Bakrid and the spirit of Bakrid was respected and adored.

The Bakrid Festival of sacrifice has many shades and variations. Different regions and cities celebrate the Bakrid in their own special way. Different temples and Zions organize the special Bakrid Festival of sacrifice for different days. These days are highly special and devoted to Bakrid. Thousands of tourists from all over the world participate in the Bakrid Festival of sacrifice.

The main highlight of Bakrid is the day of Bakrid itself, which is dedicated to Bakrid and his achievements. On this day the bulls are sacrificed and thrown on the ground to appease the powerful and mighty Bakrid. This act of sacrificing the bulls is an important symbol of Bakrid and it is believed that if the bull is sacrificed then Bakrid will return. Therefore, to appease the Bakrid the region is decorated with a huge festival of sacrifice.

Another special festival of sacrifice is Vatta Vendita, which is observed on the anniversary of Bakrid. Vatta Vendita is a festival of beautiful and elegant women wearing a sari and tying colorful silk dupattas. Thousands of ladies gather at Vatta Venditi to dance, pray and enjoy. It is one of the most charming and delightful occasions in the Bengali calendar.

The main highlight of Bakrid is the day of Bakrid itself. Thousands of tourists from all over the world visit this place on the 7th day of August to celebrate Bakrid with pomp and joy. Local art & dance forms also take part in the celebration by choreographing exquisite dance displays.

Many organizations like, Save the Motherlands, Save the Childhood Club, Save the Water World, and so on organize various activities and events to make this celebration truly awesome and magnificent. The main highlight of the day is that the sacrifice of the bulls is not only dedicated to the Bakrid but to the entire region as well.

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