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Best sex games for female escorts recommend to play

Like all other activities, sex is a physical and mental activity. Having a routine is not bad but with time things need some change or refreshment. Sex games help you get that sexy and horny enjoyment back in your sex life.

According to female escorts, playing sex games in bed increases pleasure and makes sex more enjoyable and fun.

Here are some Sex games for couples recommended by escorts that will make your sex routine spiced up with joy and intimacy.

  • Fantasy bowl:- Fantasy bowl is a classic game in which you and your partner write down 5 fantasies and shuffle both of your slips in a bowl. Turn by turn you and him/her withdraw a slip and you both discuss and have moments regarding those fantasies.
  • Horny truth and dare:- It is a sexy entertainment in which you can dare each other for having playful and highly pleasurable sex.
  • Strip questioning:- it is a simple game in which for every wrong answer you give to the question your partner asks, he/she has to remove their layer of cloth. A good way of stripping sex with fun facts to get to know each other.
  • Sexy notes puzzle:- Leave sexy notes in different places of the house with messages or clues to a puzzle or gift and build great intimate tension between you both.
  • Blindfold and food:- food has always been tempting sex arousal when used in sex games, tie a blindfold on your partner’s eyes and then ask them to feed you with chocolates or ice cream if the ice cream falls off any body part to lick it.
  • Never have I ever:- It is a great discussion game in which you tell new sex techniques you want to try and reveal your wildest fantasies to get them to come true in person.
  • Mirror Mirror:- A good non-verbal game in which your partner has to mimic your actions while you face each other. It includes Kissing, licking, and physical touches for sexy intimate moments.
  • Orgasm contest:- This game works dirty as you and your partner have to masturbate in front of each other while teasing another person, the one who gets orgasm first gets a performance of a sex act from movies or videos performed by another partner.
  • Hide and seek:- hide and seek is a great game for getting your horny feelings high as you both get naked and when one person finds you he can do whatever he wants or you can keep options depending on the time taken to find your partner.
  • Prisoner:- A prisoner is again a nice act of horny feelings. Handcuff your partner with the bed or on the wall and then punish them with sweet sexy acts of intimacy and teasing.

These games recommended by las vegas female escorts will make your sex life more interesting and these Best sex games for couples are suitable for both live-in and married couples.

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