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Major Turn Offs for Ladies

There are traits that will make you a perfect guy for most women. However, there are major turn offs for ladies that will ruin any date. You’ve probably been out on a nice date when she suddenly becomes cold towards you. Knowing the turn offs for ladies is generally not easy. That’s because every woman is different.

Nevertheless, there are major turn offs that will easily ruin a perfect date. And turning a woman on is not easy. Even harder is making a girl like you. It’s like participating in a role-play game that has confusing and unique moves. However, there are common turn offs that every man should know.

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Being Oversensitive

The society requires men to be chivalrous and nice towards women. Every man knows that he should help a distressed woman. For instance, you are supposed to pull the chair for a woman, let her walk out of an elevator first, and make her happy throughout. Simply put, you are required to think like a woman and make her feel better. However, there are sensitive men that pay more attention to their feminine side. These ask their ladies whether they are having a great time countless times during a date. There are also men that cry with ease giving their women the tough role of wiping their tears. Women are generally turned off by oversensitive men.

Insecure Personalities

An insecure man is a major turn off for a woman. If you feel nervous or lack confidence, your woman will know. This is among the major reasons why ladies spurn men on dates. Are you impressed by your personality? Do you feel like you are great to have around? If you don’t like your personality your woman will also not like you or enjoy your company. While some men have a great aura around them, others are plain scared and nervous.

Being Boring

Some men are just too boring. No woman will stand a boring guy for an hour. You have probably sat next to a man whose conversations are extremely boring. If you are a man that every woman would rather keep quiet than talk to, work on your conversation. And if you notice that the lady you are talking to is looking around, change the topic.

Being Dumb

Some men are dumb and they don’t know it. Being dumb doesn’t mean being a village simpleton or an idiot. Dumb men speak out their mind during the first date without thinking or caring about what their dates feel. If you notice that the woman you are on a date with is looking around, change your topic discreetly.

Being Touchy and Fidgety

Being touchy and fidgety means playing with a pen, hair, drumming a table, or tapping the foot during a date. Avoid the touchy feeling during a date because it is simply annoying and creepy most of the times.

Las vegas escorts advice that remember these major turn offs for ladies when going on a date. Though this list is not exhaustive, remember these and you will be in the good books of your date.

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